Start Stretching Now! Why? How?

Few people measure the importance of stretching in sports… But it is as important as your workouts! The cool thing is you only need a stretching band!

Aerobic Vs Anaerobic

End the confusion between Aerobic and Anaerobic exercises and know what each of them are for!

Best Warm Up Routine

Find out how your warm up routine should look like! Warming up is extremely important to run well.

What’s The Best Racing Strategy?

Whether you want to beat your own records or win a race, you will have to establish a strategy in order to perform well. There are three types of racing strategies in running and each one can work.

Start With a Goal

If there is one thing every runner has at the beginning, it’s an objective! Otherwise there’s no way you’ll succeed…

Dangers of Overtraining

If you’re a true sport lover or have very ambitious objectives, chances are that you experienced overtraining at least once in your life. And you surely don’t want that, do you?

“I Hate Running”

I’m sure every single person has heard of someone who hates running and who doesn’t understand runners. You might even be this person! So how the hell can people even like running?

Trick Your Mind To Suffer Less

Have you ever wondered how top athletes do to embrace the pain while running? Because they do feel pain too! Only they can control it a lot better than the rest…